Новый лауреат стипендии Е.А. Боратынского

В декабре 2013 года студентка института филологии Карина Кузнецова стала лауреатом областной именной стипендии Е.А. Боратынского. В тяжелой конкурсной борьбе ей удалось обойти серьезных конкурентов.

Победы державинцев на Всероссийском студфоруме

Полторы тысячи самых активных представителей молодежи со всей России приехали в Санкт-Петербург, чтобы принять участие в V Всероссийском студенческом форуме, который прошел с 12 по 16 ноября 2013 года.

«Лёд тронулся, господа присяжные заседатели!»

В пятницу, 13-го декабря 2013 года, в творческой студии «Сумерки кумиров» института филологии состоялось оригинальное литературно-музыкальное представление «13 стульев.








Dear colleagues!


In 2009 TambovStateUniversity named after G.R.Derzhavin and Tambov regional philological society launched a new journal "PHILOLOGICAL REGIONAL SCIENCE", reflecting a wide range of scientific problems of literary studies and linguistics. The journal is registered in the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of telecom information and mass communications (certificate ПИ № 77-35659 of March 17, 2009, ISSN 2074-7292). The territory of distribution of the journal is the Russian Federation.


The main headings of the journal:

Theory and methodology of philological science

Regional studies in philology

Russia in a global world order

The literary and linguistic study of local lore

The history of regional culture

Interdisciplinary interaction

We present the research teams of the Russian regions

Criticism, reviews, bibliography

Chronicles: facts, events, the names

Returning to the published

Our contributors

As advertising


The editorial board welcomes the participation in the journal of the representatives of different scientific schools, institutions of education, culture, public organizations.


Requirements to registration of materials

sent to the editorial office


The text of the article, report, review (page format A4) is to be available on a floppy disk and printed copy (2 copies) in MS Word version of 7.0 or above in 1-spaced, type Times New Roman, margins on all sides by 2 cm.

On the top line of the center the initials and a surname of the author (authors) (12pt bold italic) are stated.

The title of the article is printed in BOLD CAP type 12 pt, center alignment, without indentation. Point at the end of the title is not put. Before and after the title there is a gap in 1 interval.

Under the title a brief abstract of the article, which should not exceed 8 lines, and key words (not more than 5 terms) are printed, 10 pt common, indent a paragraph to the left and right-2 cm, alignment on width. After the abstract and key words there are gaps in 1 interval.

The text should be printed in common type 11 pt. Paragraph alignment on width, indentation of the first line of the paragraph 1 cm.

Drawings are made in a graphics editor Corel Draw or in any of the MS Office applications in aggregated form. Graphics, drawings and photographs are mounted in the text after the first mentioning of them. In the attached electronic version of the supplement each drawing, photograph, graph, etc. should be submitted to the editorial office by a separate file. Illustrations, tables and formulae can be placed on the whole width of the page. The name of the illustrations (10 pt, common) is given below them in the center after the word Fig. with a serial number (10 pt, bold). If there is only one figure in the text, the number is not put. Point is not put after signature. There is 1 interval between the name to the figure and the text.

The word "Table" with the serial number is located on the right edge before the table. The next line includes the name of the table (center alignment, without indentation and transferring of syllables) without a point in the end. After the table there is a blank space in 1 interval. The only table in the article is not numbered.

References in the text with the name of the author, year of publication and the cited page are enclosed in square brackets, page numbers are indicated only in the references. [Ivanov 1990: 25; Petrov 2001; see also: Sidorov 2002; 2003, etc.].

A list of the sources is given after the text of the article in alphabetical order after the word Literature (without point or a colon at the end), type 11 pt common. Numbered list is not applied.

In the end of the manuscript, in space, in the lower left corner you should specify the name of organization, from which the manuscript comes and the author's signature type size 10 pt, and the words "submitted to the editorial office".

Along with the article you must provide: information about the authors, including surname, name and patronymic name, place of work and position, academic degree and title, phone, postal address (with an index) and email address for correspondence.

The authorship of one person is allowed not more than in two articles. The cost of the review of manuscripts for publication in the journal "Philological Regional Science" in 2010-2011 is 150 roubles per page, for the members of Tambov Regional Philological Society (TRPS) is free of charge. The cost of publication in author's edition (as advertising) is 500 roubles per page, for the members of TRPS is 250 roubles per page. Publication of advertising can be agreed. Payment is made after the decision of the editorial board by transferring the necessary amount to the account of the TRPS.

From 2011, a subscription to the journal is organized through the catalogue "Rospechat".

The estimated cost of subscription for the first half year is 400 roubles.


Bank details for payment: payment recipient: public organization

"Tambov Regional Philological Society",

address: 33, Internatsionalnaya st., Tambov, 392000.

Beneficiary bank: Branch "Tambov" OOO CB

"Rosavtobank", Moskau; c/a 40703810700000000224; INN 7717004724; KPP 775001001; OGRN 1027700067394; OKPO 81993046; BIC 046850783

In the section "name of payment" you specify: (with manure "payment review for publication in the journal "Philological Region Studies").


Articles and reports must be sent to the following address:

TSU named after G.R.Derzhavin,  33, Internatsionalnaya st., Tambov, 392622

Institute of Philology, the editorial office of the journal "Philological Regional Science"

to the chief editor Natalia Yurievna Zheltova (nata_zheltova@mail.ru).



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